Anxiety in its various forms is a physiological response from our system to the demands of one or more external or internal stimuli. Anxiety is normally experienced as a troublesome state bringing discomfort or suffering.

It is important to understand that anxiety, like stress, is a natural reaction determined by the adaptive capacities of our system to the external stimuli which affect our wellbeing. Therefore it is vital that our nervous system, and our body in general, have the necessary resources to deal with these situations.

So there is something ingrained in us, made up of anticipation, preparation and effort, which provides a response to whatever may put us under pressure, from within or without.

The fundamental difference between normal states and pathological anxiety revolves around the feeling of discomfort which arises from worry, tension and unease even when external or internal stimuli are not present.

Anxiety can be defined as a continual state of alarm in which our nervous system makes us feel constantly ready to react, even when there is no reason or need for it – when we are ready to panic but there is nothing there to alarm us, or when we experience a series of telltale physical or psychological signs even whilst feeling calm and relaxed.

On account of the radical changes in human society, which have increasingly exposed us to lifestyles which put our nervous system under pressure, it has been established over the last 30 years that at least a third of the world population has had, or is likely to have, an anxiety disorder at some point in their lives.

Clavis Harmoniae, through the properties of its key ingredients (Garum Armoricum and Magnesium), will regulate and harmonise the electrical stimuli and the traffic in the nervous system, providing the mental poise, wellbeing and stability we need to deal with anxiety and prevent it arising.

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