Magnesium is the mineral best suited to complementing Garum Armoricum, as Garum Armoricum tends to have a positive effect on:

  • behavioural balance
  • concentration
  • learning and memory capacity

by reducing anxiety and stress and boosting our adaptive capacities, by virtue of its omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) content. Garum Armoricum can also combat the aging process and memory loss, and it is also easily synthesized by our system from its plant origin precursors.

Garum Armoricum enhances our response to stress, through the synthesis of neurotransmitters; indeed, clinical studies carried out on Garum Armoricum confirm that taking Garum Armoricum reduces the effects of stress on our memory and learning capacities.

It is these very properties that hint at the important synergy with magnesium, as this is indispensable for good balance in the nervous system and for the transmission of nervous and electrical stimuli.

To sum up, Magnesium and Garum Armoricum work together to re-establish balance in the nervous system and boost the adaptive capacity of neurotransmitters (through the effects of the Garum Armoricum), and to facilitate electrical and nervous stimuli (via the Magnesium).

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