Garum Armoricum

Garum Armoricum is an extract of large blue fish which are over a metre long and which live off the coast of Brittany at depths of 1500 - 2000 metres.

The lack of oxygen and the high pressures have led to the development of a special metabolism in these fish, allowing them to produce substances which help them adapt to life in such an extreme habitat.

The Garum Armoricum is then obtained by autofermentation (controlled enzymatic autolysis) involving the entire fish. It contains mostly small peptides (5 - 18 amino acids) similar in structure to the hypophysiotropic hypothalamic peptides, which act as hormonal precursors to the enkephalins, the endorphins and aminobutyric acid, which all act as neurotransmitters.

It also contains 20 - 25% free amino acids, such as glycine, glutamic acid and aspartic acid. Essential polyunsaturated fatty acids are also present, of which 70% derives from alpha-linoleic acid, while the remaining 30% belongs to the omega- 3 and omega-6 groups. There is also an antioxidant complex consisting of vitamin E and Selenium.

Garum Armoricum has been shown to be particularly active against somatic asthenia, both reactive and psychic. As the latter type is generally accompanied by a state of acute anxiety, Garum Armoricum is therefore of particular interest for its usefulness in helping combat ASTHENIC-DEPRESSIVE disorders.

  • It significantly reduces anxiety and stress
  • It is particularly effective as a dietary supplement for individuals demonstrating a Neuropsychological deficiency.
  • It is also recommended for highly invasive cases of psoriasis, in which the nervous system has a dominant influence.
  • This complex also acts as an antimutagenic protector against free radicals.
  • It has a regulating effect on the arterial blood pressure.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Inhibition of lipoperoxidation.
  • Regeneration of the retinal purpura.
  • Protection of the microcirculation (i.e. the blood capillaries).
  • Antirheumatic, antinflammatory and antiallergic.
  • Respiratory inflammations, inflammations due to venous insufficiency, respiratory allergies.

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