When to use clavis harmoniae

The benefits of Garum Armoricum:
  • It significantly reduces anxiety and stress
  • It is particularly effective as a dietary supplement for people with a neuropsychological deficiency
  • It is also recommended for highly invasive cases of psoriasis, in which the nervous system has a dominant influence
  • This complex also acts as an antimutagenic protector against free radicals.
  • It has a regulating effect on the arterial blood pressure
  • Anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Inhibition of lipoperoxidation
  • Regeneration of the retinal purpura
  • Protection of the microcirculation (i.e. the blood capillaries).
  • Antirheumatic, antinflammatory and antiallergic.
  • Respiratory inflammations, inflammations due to venous insufficiency, respiratory allergies
The Magnesium helps combat
  • headache
  • asthenia
  • nervous agitation
  • poor concentration
  • sleep disturbance
  • muscular cramps
Hence Clavis Harmoniae is useful for:
  • those working in positions of responsibility or in constant contact with the public in noisy environments,
  • those with methodical, repetitive jobs requiring painstaking concentration, or who have intense and stressful intellectual work
  • those suffering from depression
  • people on the verge of major life changes (the onset of the menopause, starting retirement, job change, family problems, etc.),
  • those suffering from stress and anxiety
  • schoolchildren, students and those needing to concentrate hard on intellectual work
  • those with memory problems

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