Concentration and learning capacity

Difficulties in maintaining one’s concentration and learning capacity can often arise, even if not to a pathological extent, during stressful or anxious situations.

During important passages in our lives which require a major mental effort, more intense concentration and the use of our learning capacity to the full (e.g. when sitting an exam or during a big push at work), our nervous system finds itself under strain as a result of the increased stimulation to which it is exposed.

It therefore becomes important to ensure that our system has all the nutrients it needs to help meet the specific challenge of the stressful situation that we are going through. We need to prevent the stress from undermining our powers of concentration and learning capacity.

Clavis Harmoniae can offer crucial support in these situations. Its Garum Armoricum content enhances our response to stress, through the synthesis of neurotransmitters – indeed, clinical studies on Garum Armoricum confirm that including it in the diet mitigates the effects of stress on memory and learning capacity – while the magnesium is essential for maintaining balance in the nervous system and for the transmission of electrical stimuli and nerve impulses. The Magnesium and Garum Armoricum work together, then, to re-establish balance in the nervous system and to enhance the adaptive capacities of the neurotransmitters (through the effect of the Garum Armoricum), and to restore normal wellbeing (through the magnesium helping with electrical stimuli and nerve impulses), thus boosting concentration and learning capacity.

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