Memory disorders are usually caused by the slowing down of the intellectual faculties and/or the loss of efficiency in the brain which are part of the aging process. In recent decades, however, there has been an increase in memory disorders associated with the lack of motivation, asthenia and stress which afflict our everyday life day after day, due to continual stress from various sources, such as exam stress, competitive stress, professional stress, transport-related stress, noise-induced stress and the stress of interpersonal relationships.

A range of studies on Garum Armoricum has shown that taking Garum Armoricum counteracts memory disorders caused by the effects of stress on the young and boosts motivation in the elderly, enhancing the ability to concentrate and hence the strength of attention.

Consuming Garum Armoricum leads to calmer behaviour and improved memory capacity, including short-term memory. Subjects treated with con Garum Armoricum see improvements in their mental effectiveness and behaviour.

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