Problems of tiredness, especially when prolonged or seemingly motiveless, should never be taken lightly. Indeed, the causes of loss of strength and tiredness, both mental and physical, can be numerous. They can arise from health problems (anaemia, chronic infections, glandular fever, etc...) or from dietary causes such as vitamin or mineral deficiencies, from changes in the blood sugar, from the use of medicines or from psychological causes.

Supplements like Clavis Harmoniae can be useful in topping up the things that our system needs in order to deal properly with tiredness. This is down to the supply of fresh magnesium, which is essential for many of the processes in the body and is present in each and every cell, having particular importance for maintaining a healthy balance in the muscular and nervous systems.

It is worth remarking that our bodies do not store magnesium, which makes a regular daily intake all the more important in order to ensure that we have enough.

It is also important to bear in mind that magnesium deficiency is generally a cause of stress. Clearly then, the correct intake of magnesium, enhanced by the benefits of Garum Armoricum, brings peace of mind, relaxation and energy.

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